Chuck Spinner has very successfully compiled a book of favorite prayers from over 100 well-known celebrities, including Oscar winners, Heisman Trophy recipients, Olympic Gold Medalists, Four-star generals, and even a Monarch. Former Cleveland Browns All-Pro lineman, Doug Dieken, writes the foreword and Spinner writes a chapter on the qualities and power of prayer along with engaging introductions to each of the celebrities. To the Heavens from the Stars concludes with quotes from famous historical figures on the significance and power of prayer. The book highlights both religion and history and illustrates that athletes, entertainers, and government officials can and do provide models for prayer in one's life. Former Detroit Tiger pitcher Virgil Trucks wrote Spinner that he thinks the author's book of prayers "will be the greatest book ever written." The author is more comforted by the words of former U.S. Open winner, Scott Simpson, who wrote him that he hoped that "God honors you for honoring Him." © 2009 Chuck Spinner.  Website Designed by Virtual Admins Plus
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